2012 and Beyond: An Invitation to Meet the Challenges and by Diana Cooper

By Diana Cooper

The 12 months 2012 is anticipated to be auspicious in response to historical prophecies, relatively from the viewpoint of religious progress, and this handbook puts those forecasts and the vaunted finish of the area into perspective with interpretations from angelic geographical regions. With information on what will occur on a continent-by-continent foundation, readers will know about the influence at the 2012 Olympics, the outlet of cosmic portals, how person lives in addition to groups may be altered within the time following this momentous yr, and forecasts for the yr 2032—when the hot Golden Age of Atlantis is expounded to come back into being. useful advice to help humans in getting ready for his or her position during this terrific transformational shift can be incorporated.

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15. Thank the archangels for their help in activating your chakras and open your eyes. 56 C hapter 1 0 Lemuria and Mu i ~ Mu ~ Many people talk of Mu as Lemuria and think the name is an abbreviation. However Mu was a civilization before Lemuria and was also centered in the Pacific Ocean. The people were of the fourth- to fifthdimensional consciousness and were not physicalized so there are no remains. They tended the trees and plants and also worked with crystals but much less than the Lemurians.

13. The whole of Peru – connecting with Inca wisdom. Opening in 2012. 39 2 0 1 2 and beyond ~ Africa ~ 14. M ali – connecting with the Dogon wisdom. After Ra brought his tribe from Atlantis to Egypt, the Dogons, who were a part of that group, moved further down Africa and settled in Malawi. They carried with them wisdom and ancient knowledge from Sirius and still hold it for us all now. The portal is sleeping, opening in 2012. 15. The Sphinx at Egypt – opening in 2012. ~ The Middle East ~ 16. Mesopotamia – opening after 2012, bringing back the wisdom of Golden Atlantis that was brought here by the tribe of Apollo after the fall.

This is the yellow ray of harmony, which entered the planet in 2001 and balances the mind and spirit of humanity. Vosloo, the greatest High Priest in Atlantis, is the Master of this ray. Seraphina, of the seraphim frequency, is the angelic being who works on this ray and she vibrates on every colour. R ay 10. This is the citrine ray, which entered the planet at the end of 2001, and helps people to find their practical purpose in life. It carries the Buddha energies and Lord Gautama is in charge of this ray.

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