50 People Who Stuffed Up Australia by Guy Rundle

By Guy Rundle

There is a necessity every now and then, to take inventory of the place we have now been and the place we're now, and beauty where all of it went wrong ...

From Rinehart to Bob Brown, Abbott to the Rainbow Serpent ... our once-great land has had its justifiable share of nitwits. Come on a trawl via all of them, with man Rundle (and Dexter Rightwad), at the bin evening Australia needed to have.

Guy Rundle is a author, editor, manufacturer and journalist, inter alia. A common contributor to the Age, Sydney Morning usher in and all media – other than the 70 in line with cent owned by means of the Murdochs, at time of writing – he was once a co-editor of enviornment journal for a few years. at the level he wrote 4 exhibits for maximum Gillies: membership Republic, Your Dreaming...

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By the time he was ready to make that confession, he had returned to News Limited, and become a foreign correspondent. Nothing in his work appears to have recommended him to anybody – indeed his most celebrated piece appears to have been a short block of filler text accompanying the photo of a kilted Scottish soldier at Hong Kong who, when the wind came up, was revealed to be going, erm, commando. That might have been the pinnacle of his career, had the Australian media not been shifting profoundly.

They saw a coastline that was not merely green, but readable – a place of harbours, formations, trees, forests, inlets and, of course, people, seen appearing and disappearing into the former. In their different treatments of the continent, much emphasis is placed on the fact that Cook hit the east coast while previous explorers hit the barren northwest. But other explorers had hit more fertile areas too, and they had not seen it as Cook had. For a man oriented to new ideas of science and the mechanical and classifiable character of nature, what would come to be called ‘New South Wales’ was not merely fertile, but interpretable.

The imminent question is: what is the way to reply to it? The longer question is: does Bolt really believe it? That is a question for the ages. If he is really convinced by his absurd unicorn graph, with its one spike, he is extremely stupid indeed. But if he is faking it all, he is so sheerly evil and compromised that it is hard to believe. It was inevitable that Bolt’s survival – after it became clear that his support base was 50,000 sad loners logging on to his blog – depended on the patronage of the parent organisation.

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