Гидро-Модуль (насосная станция) НРА 65-145

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Chart or F-P-R-NTU chart; (g) E-NTU chart for unmixed-unmixed crossflow [ 101. 5 (9) Figure 3 Continued. 0 3 . 0 40 Chapter 2 Figure 3(a) is the most widely used of these charts and was introduced by Bowman et al. [ 111 in 1940. In this chart, the LMTD correction factor, F , is presented as a function of the effectiveness, P, and the heat capacity rate ratio, R. Using this chart, the design problem where terminal temperatures and flow rates are usually specified but overall U and/or A are unknown can be solved; however, the rating problem can be solved by a trial-and-error solution.

A) Unmixed-unmixed; (b) unmixed-mixed; (c) mixed-mixed. cooled engines used in trucks, locomotives, diesel-powered equipment, and stationery diesel power plants. Other examples are air coolers, oil coolers for aircraft, intercoolers and aftercoolers in compressors, and condensers and evaporators of room air conditioners. Normally, the liquid is pumped through the tubes, which have a very high convective heat-transfer coefficient. The air flows in crossflow over the tubes. The heat-transfer coefficient on the air side will be lower than that on the liquid side.

When the thermal effectiveness is the same for the original case and the invented case, it is referred to as stream symmetric. Typical examples for stream symmetric are parallel flow, counterflow, and crossflow unmixed-unmixed, and mixed-mixed cases. 5. TEMPERATURE APPROACH, MEET, AND CROSS The meanings of temperature approach, meet, and cross are as follows. ',,)- th,,,) is referred to as the temperature cross or temperature pinch. ,J is negative and loses its meaning. The underlying meanings of these three cases are brought out in Table 3.

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