A Brief Look at C++ by Bjarne Stroustrup

By Bjarne Stroustrup

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Make sure your new project is selected in the pull-down and then click the Run button to run the application. h. NOTE You define constants in header files using the #define preprocessor directive. You don’t include a constant’s type when defining a constant. h; then when you compiled, the compiler first resolved any defined constants, replacing the constant with the literal value. Data Types and Operators C’s basic data types are the same as Java’s and should appear familiar (Table 2-1). = Greater Than > Less Than < Greater Than or Equal >= Less Than or Equal <= Boolean Not !

Pointers point to a location in memory of another variable. The ampersand (&) indicates a variable’s address in memory. Try This Using Pointers 1. Create a new C command-line application, and name the application Using Pointers. 2. c file so that it appears like Listing 2-13. 3. Select the project in the pull-down and click the Run button. h> int main (int argc, const char * argv[]) { int anIntVal = 10; int *pavalue = & anIntVal; printf("address:%p value:%d\n", pavalue, *pavalue); return 0; } In this listing, anIntVal’s value is 10, pavalue points to anIntVal’s memory address, and the printf statement prints anIntVal’s address followed by anIntVal’s value; pavalue points to anIntVal’s address while *pavalue is anIntVal’s value.

You must initialize a variable with a value before using it. 7. Change the function so that anIntVal is initialized to 10 and then click Build And Go. The debugger console echoes 10, as expected. Dereferencing a Pointer You can also dereference a pointer by assigning the pointer’s location a new value. You do this through what’s called dereferencing the pointer. Consider the code in Listing 2-15. Listing 2-15 Dereferencing a pointer int a = 10; int *b = &a; *b = 52; printf("value:%d value:%d",*b,a); The third line sets the content of the memory at the address pointed to by the pointer b to the integer value 52.

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