A Cabinet of Roman Curiosities: Strange Tales and Surprising by J. C. McKeown

By J. C. McKeown

"A cupboard of Roman Curiousities" is subtitled "Strange stories and wonderful evidence from the World's maximum Empire." i assumed it sounded attention-grabbing and will be a enjoyable learn. it's really beautiful fascinating, yet it isn't that enjoyable. it really is primarily a word list of Roman proof prepared byt subject (family, nutrition, the military, etc.) yet after the 1st couple of tidbits in each one part, it truly is stretching to be enjoyable. The evidence are, good, simply real. it truly is most likely a greater booklet for selecting up and interpreting an excerpt or at a time than a entrance to again learn. i attempted to learn it via and received bored, yet flipping round pages was once unique adequate.

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