A Companion to African Philosophy by Kwasi Wiredu

By Kwasi Wiredu

This quantity of newly commissioned essays offers complete insurance of African philosophy, ranging throughout disciplines and through the a while.

  • Offers a particular historic therapy of African philosophy.
  • Covers the entire major branches of philosophy as addressed within the African culture.
  • Includes money owed of pre-colonial African philosophy and modern political thought.

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But, for 23 KWASI WIREDU example, Augustine’s consciousness was not untouched by his African roots, and it is speculated that some of his views were conditioned by that circumstance. In the final analysis, it is the degree of dedication to the advancement of an African tradition of thought that must make the difference. Whether this is so or not, it seems clear that, if the thought of Augustine, as also of the others mentioned along with him, were to become a subject of sustained and prolonged interest among contemporary African philosophers, it would ipso facto become part of African philosophy in a quite stout sense.

For example, if it should turn out that democracy does not conceptually entail a party system, the demand for parties as a necessary condition of democracy, which some Western financial authorities have made a condition of help, may begin to seem less than well considered. There are fully four articles on democracy included in this volume, contributed by Edward Wamala (chapter 35), Joe Teffo (chapter 36), Ajume H. Wingo (chapter 37), and George Carew (chapter 38). Together they constitute a quantum jump in the philosophical literature, quantitatively as well as qualitatively.

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