A Concordance of the Qur'an by Hanna E. Kassis

By Hanna E. Kassis

From the ForewordThis Concordance of the Qur'an in English satisfies a paramount want of those--and there are literally thousands of them--who don't have any command of the Arabic language and but wish to comprehend the Qur'an. the convenience derivable from English translations of the Sacred booklet is, in precept, constrained simply because, first, the Qur'an isn't really a "book" yet a set of passages published to Muhammad over a interval of approximately twenty-three years and, moment, as the Qur'an just isn't translatable. this doesn't suggest that the Qur'an shouldn't be translated. It does suggest that translations lose a lot in tone and nuance, not to mention the incommunicable good looks, grandeur, and charm of the unique. . . .The major contrast of Hana Kassis's concordance, in my opinion, is that it makes use of the semantic constitution of Arabic vocabulary itself in revealing the that means of the Qur'an on any given factor, aspect or proposal. A reader who seems within the index of this concordance for a notice which he has encountered in analyzing an English translation of the Qur'an--the be aware delight, for example--is directed instantly to the roots of the Arabic, Qur'anic phrases for satisfaction. At tne entries for those Arabic roots, all of the spinoff varieties are proven, and the verses of the Qur'an within which they seem are there indexed in translation. . . .I am convinced that any individual who's basically attracted to figuring out the Qur'an and appreciating the nuances of its diction and colors of its that means can fulfill his want extra absolutely with this booklet than whatsoever wanting constructing a true command over the Arabic language itself.--Fazlur Rahman, Professor of Islamic concept, collage of Chicago

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2:187 (183) 2:235 (235) 8:23 (23) God knows that you have been betraying yourselves God knows that you will be mindful of them if God had known of any good in them b) impf. act. (5) 3:29 (27) 3:66 (59) 3:140 (134) 3:142 (136) 4:63 (66) 5:94 (95) 5:97 (98) 5:99 (99) 7:62 (60) 8:60 (62) 8:70 (71) 9:16 (16) 9:42 (42) 9:78 (79) (know) they not that God knows what they keep secret? God know who of you have struggled those - God knows what is in their hearts that God may know who fears Him in the Unseen' God knows all that is in the heavens and in the earth God knows what you reveal and what you hide " .

5:94 (95) 16:92 (94) 0 believers, God will surely try you God only tries you thereby IBTALA-to try b) impf. act. 3:154 (148) and that GoI might try what was in your breasts g) pcple. act, 2:249 (250) God will tr you with a river ALLAH *B N W IBN-a son 5:18 (21) 9:30 (30) 9:30 (30) we are the sons of God, and His beloved ones Ezra is the Son of God the Messiah is the Son of God *B QY BAQiYAH- remainder 11:86 (87) God's remainder is better for you *B R BARA'AH-acquittal 9:1 (1) an acquittal, from God and His Messenger BARl'-quit, innocent 9:3 (3) God is quit, and His Messenger, of the idolaters BARRA'A-to acquit a) perf.

Act. those who believe in God God is with the believers God was well pleased with the believers *A M R AMARA-to command, to bid. ) affair, issue, matter, purpose; command a) perf. act. 2:27 (25) 2:222 (222) 7:28 (27) 13:21 (21) 13:25 (25) such as cut What God has commanded should be joined come unto them as God has commanded you and God has commanded us to do it who join what God has commanded shall be joined who snap what God has commanded to bejoined b) impf. act. vb. 'God' there is no defender from God's command dost thou marvel at God's command God prevails in His purpose watching overfhim by God's command nay, but God's is theaffair altogether God's command comes; so-seek not to hasten-it unto God belongs the issue " unto God all mattersare returned " to God belongs the Command unto God is the issue of all affairs -when God and His Messenger have decreed a matter God's commandment must be performed'.

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