A Fortunate Life by A.B. Facey

By A.B. Facey

Born in 1894, Albert Facey lived the tough frontier lifetime of a sheep farmer, survived the gore of Gallipoli, raised a kinfolk during the melancholy, and spent 60 years along with his loved spouse, Evelyn. regardless of enduring hardships we will slightly think at the present time, Facey continually observed his existence as a "fortunate" one. a real vintage of Australian literature, his easily written autobiography is an idea. it's the tale of a existence lived to the full—the amazing trip of a normal man.

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We took the milk up to the cooler and then the old lady came out and told us to get our own breakfast. After we had our breakfast we took the sheep out to graze and arrived back near midday. The women were busy preparing Christmas dinner. The men were all under the weather, some couldn't walk. When Bill and I went in to dinner everyone was drinking. Some were so drunk they couldn't sit in their chairs properly. We had our dinner and then went and refilled the water-trough. After that we had a sleep in the stable until it was time to bring the cows in.

Three or four times I started to doze off and had to sit up to keep myself awake. I had gone to bed that night with my clothes on, or I should say rags, because that's just what they were. The moon went down and it became very dark. I got out of bed very quietly and slowly edged my way to the door. It was always left open during the summer nights. I got away without anyone knowing. I got my swag and set off towards Uncle's place and freedom. When I got clear of the Cave Rock homestead I sat down and put on my first pair of bag boots and tied them to my feet with string.

He went on to say that they were new settlers and that they had only been here about three months. They were from Scotland. He said he knew about Snows Well and he had been told about Uncle and, as luck had it, he wanted to have a talk with Uncle about buying some horses and a cow. He said that he believed Uncle was an expert with stock, and continued on to say, 'In the morning I will drive you over to your uncle's place in my spring-cart. It is about nine miles or so. ' He called his eldest son, Jack, and told him that I was to doss in with him for the night.

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