Massacre in Marienburg (Warhammer) by David Bishop

By David Bishop

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Sandler nodded, all too aware of the angry undercurrent in his commander’s tone. “My watchmen have built up a network of contacts among the criminals of Goudberg—” “What, both of them? ” Quist jeered. “My district may have the lowest levels of lawbreaking in the city,” Sandler continued, “but I’ve good reason to believe a major incident is planned for Goudberg. I’m not able to reveal what that could be at this time, but trust that the good work my Black Caps have done will not be ignored by the Watch.

It had been stuffed into the pottery container without care or compassion, shoved inside with brute force. Bones had been snapped into pieces to ensure the corpse fitted into the urn, jagged white shards stabbing out through punctured flaps of skin. A broken hand was splayed across a screaming face, while one knee jutted up from below with a foot beside it. The scraps of clothing visible on the corpse suggested this was one of the crewmen, but the horror on his face was unlike anything the Black Caps had seen before.

The terror and pain in his face, for a start,” Belladonna said. “It needed at least two people to shove him into this tiny space, even if he wasn’t fighting back. The broken bones happened before death. You can tell by how much blood escaped the ruptures to his skin. ” Silenti asked, disbelief in his voice. Belladonna pointed at the interior of the urn lid, where more scratches were visible, along with a few broken fragments of fingernail embedded in the pottery. Silenti swallowed, hard. Holismus had recovered enough to look round the hold.

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