A Theology of Engagement (Challenges in Contemporary by Ian S. Markham

By Ian S. Markham

This ground-breaking ebook demanding situations readers to reconsider the divide among liberal and orthodox ways which characterises Christianity today.Provides an alternative choice to the liberal / orthodox divide in modern Christianity. Defends Christianity’s engagement with non-Christian traditions. comprises very important dialogue of theological process. Illustrated with case reports related to human rights, interfaith tolerance, economics, and ethics.

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Authority demands belief and prepares man for reason. Reason leads to understanding and knowledge. 9 This does sound as if reason is important in every respect. Reason is important prior to accepting an authority and it is important afterwards because reason is the only mechanism that we have for deciding which authority is true. We also find this refrain in an earlier work Contra Academicos. ”10 However, to introduce some of the complexity that pervades this question, this is also the text in which we find a marvelous exhortation to simply trust, which is worth quoting in full: To illustrate, let us picture two men traveling to one place.

53 And elsewhere he co-writes with John Wenham, that the key to this historic Christianity is the commitment to Scripture: Scripture is, for evangelicals, the central legitimating resource of Christian faith and theology, the clearest window through which the face of Christ may be seen. 54 In one sense this demonstrates my point. McGrath, as a representative of conservative Christianity, operates with one particular monolithic understanding of the Christian past that we are simply required to affirm.

We should still recognize the inspired nature of the experience underpinning the text and its authority in respect to the story of Jesus, but we must also recognize the human interests at work in shaping the text. It is beyond the scope of this book to defend these three assumptions in detail. I shall, however, return to the second assumption at the end of the book. At this stage, I simply state these assumptions so that the following defense of engagement and the case studies that follow are intelligible to the reader.

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