A Time of Omens by Katharine Kerr

By Katharine Kerr

Drawing on Celtic lore, the Deverry sequence has develop into a well-liked staple of the trendy myth reader's library. Now A Time of Omens signs the intertwining of the 2 international of the sequence: Deverry, the area of people and elves, and the astral aircraft, the place robust immortals reside.

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Then he sat down in front of the hearth, let himself relax, and waited. It was close to an hour later when he felt the presence. At first it seemed only that a cold draught had wafted in from the door behind him, but he saw the salamanders in the fire turn their heads and look up in the direction of something. The room turned thick with silence. Still he said nothing, nor did he move, not even when the hair on the back of his neck prickled at the etheric force oozing from the haunt. There was a sound, too, a wet snuffling as if a hound were searching for a scent all over the floor, and every now and then, a scrabbling, as if some animal scratched at the floor with its nails.

It was a good measure of the prince’s authority that they all fell back and did so. Once Nevyn reached the pool of firelight, he mugged a look of mild surprise. “I told you I’d lay the haunt to rest, lads, and I did. ” He glanced around with a deliberate vagueness. ” Owaen grabbed the reins and led the trembling beast away to join its fellows. ” With all the flexible courage of youth Maryn was grinning at him. ” The old man thought for a moment, but Maddyn was sure that he had his little speech all prepared and was only pretending to hesitate, “To lay a haunt you’ve got to burn its corpse.

For a moment Nevyn merely looked around him, but his eyes were so heavy-lidded and strange that Maddyn assumed the councillor was working some dweomer. “I think we should be safe here,” Nevyn remarked, confirming his suspicions. “The presence of the water will act as a sort of shield, you see, from the wrong sort of prying eyes. Now, then. Captain, I’ve received news from Cerrmor of a sort. The capital’s in an uproar, but it’s being torn apart by despair, not politicking. ” “Elyc? ” “The very one.

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