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SAP HANA Starter

Every thing you must recognize so as to construct your first SAP HANA standalone application!


Understand key ideas at the back of SAP HANA
Discover the most positive factors of the SAP HANA Studio for program design
Create a reporting software at the SAP HANA platform
Visualize your reporting information in Microsoft Excel
In Detail

SAP HANA is SAP's in-memory database know-how, and the focus in their subsequent iteration technique. utilizing column-based garage to supply hugely compressed and quickly accessed info, a SAP HANA program might be numerous hundred occasions quicker than an identical software on prior new release database technology.

SAP HANA Starter is a hands-on ebook, taking you step by step in the course of the construction of your first SAP HANA program. you'll find the development blocks that SAP HANA offers, and use them to create a powerful reporting program. extra complex positive factors are proven, permitting you to rework your reporting software right into a every year revenues elevate simulator. eventually, you'll the right way to entry your SAP HANA program from Microsoft Excel.

Using effortless to appreciate examples and logical development, you are going to construct your first SAP HANA program – a revenues volume simulator, from scratch.

Starting with the production of tables within the database, and utilizing the modeling construction blocks supplied by way of the SAP HANA Studio, you are going to first see tips to construct a reporting program on those tables, after which expand this software to permit revenues bring up simulation, eventually making the knowledge on hand to others in Microsoft Excel.

What you are going to examine from this book

Understanding the innovations at the back of the SAP HANA process – what makes it different
Installation and configuration of the SAP HANA Studio
Creation of database tables and characteristic and analytic perspectives – the construction blocks of any SAP HANA application
Development of graphical calculation perspectives for extra complex reporting needs
Use of calculated attributes and measures in reporting perspectives to govern facts at the fly
Addition of filters and consumer activates on your program for extra dynamic output
Integration with reporting instruments equivalent to Microsoft Excel utilizing MDX
Discover probably the most necessary web content and blogs documenting SAP HANA

Written as a pragmatic consultant, SAP Hana Starter will convey you all you want to comprehend to construct your first reporting software using SAP's new in-memory database technology.

Who this publication is written for

SAP HANA Starter is aimed toward SAP specialists and clients of competing database applied sciences, in addition to an individual curious as to what the entire fuss touching on SAP HANA is ready. No earlier SAP ERP, BW, or database programming adventure is important, notwithstanding notions of ways SQL and desk joins paintings might be valuable. entry to a SAP HANA field is critical to stick with the examples in the neighborhood.

Oracle9i JPublisher User's Guide

This user's consultant describes the Oracle ]Publisher application, which interprets user-defined SQL item kinds and PL/SQL applications to Java periods. SQLJ and JDBC programmers who have to have Java sessions of their purposes to correspond to item kinds, VARRAY varieties, nested desk kinds, item reference varieties, or PL/SQL programs can use the JPublisher software.


В книге описана одна из самых популярных реляционных систем управления базами данных MySQL. Вместо простого обзора возможностей MySQL, автор показывает, как можно максимально эффективно использовать эту СУБД. На примере тестовых баз данных он приводит решения проблем, с которыми вы обязательно столкнетесь при практическом использовании MySQL.

Multimedia Databases in Perspective

Over the last decade, multimedia has emerged as an immense examine and de­ velopment quarter. driven via complicated expertise like huge-capacity garage de­ vices, quickly networks, and robust paintings stations, new purposes have arisen. Many definitions of multimedia platforms exist, one in all them being desktop sys­ tems that help interactive use of at the least one of many following info resources: pictures, picture, voice, sound, and video.

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The called procedure, FieldNameValue, constructs a single-record recordset based on the passed arguments. It then enumerates the field names and values for the row in the recordset. Two alternate sets of passed arguments appear in first procedure. The set without comment markers is for a string criterion, such as the CustomerID field in the Customers table. The set with comments is for a numeric criterion, such as the ShipperID field in the Shippers table. Both sets rely on the Northwind database, but you can freely change all these arguments to specify the field names and values in any particular row of any table 49 50 within any database.

The third step is not necessary in this sample. Close Set rst1 = Nothing End Sub The first two instances of the Seek method in SeekingUnShippedOrders both demonstrate the syntax for the Keyvalues and SeekOptions parameters. The first instance of the Seek method sets the cursor at the first record in the Orders table that is unshipped. This record has the order ID 11008. The steps for opening the rst1 recordset on the Orders table arrange the records in order on the ShippedDate index, so that the special ordering indicated by the Seek methodâ s Keyvalues and SeekOptions parameters will work.

The procedure also demonstrates how to reuse a Recordset object. In the first use of the rst1 recordset, the procedure searches for all line items matching an OrderID input by the user. The procedure uses an InputBox function nested inside a CInt function to permit a user to input an OrderID field value. It then returns the OrderID and ProductID for the line items associated with that record. This first seek relies on the OrderID index for the Order Details table. Close Set rst1 = Nothing End Sub The second instance of the Seek method in the SeekWith2IndexValues procedure seeks the last item for the OrderID that a user inputs.

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