Al-Hallaj by Mason, Herbert I.W.

By Mason, Herbert I.W.

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The insurgency failed and Hallaj's fate, though seemingly buoyed further by the recurringly powerful traditionalists, was left decidedly vulnerable to the stronger prevailing currents of power politics; and Muqtadir's vizir, a Shi'ite, Ibn al-Furat, put him under surveillance. Hallaj himself had not agreed to lead a movement aimed at temporal success, returning 20 Hallaj unofficially to a Sufi position in which a [atii, a brother, renounces entirely any such desired end. Within a year, following subsequent aborted efforts by the Hanbalites, Hallaj's leading disciples were rounded up by the Baghdad police and he went into hiding in his homeland, again in Ahwaz, and later in Sus, a Hanbalite center.

These were his last words. His head was cut off, then his trunk was rolled up in a straw mat, doused with fuel, and burned. Later, they carried his ashes to the minaret on the Ra's al-Manara promontory beside the Tigris to disperse them to the wind. , vizirial) banking and speculation policies. Behind the cynical tax-farmer become vizir were many financial and religious figures whose interests were served by his aggressive policies. Notable among these was a crafty and, The Facts of His Life and Theme of Disappearance 33 with respect to Hallaj, jealous Shi'ite mystic, Shalmaghani, who manipulated the monomania of the old scoundrel into worsening the punishment of Hallaj as eternal damnation for sorcery (Q.

A further figure, Ibn Mujahid, the leader of the body of Qur'an reciters and an enemy of Hallaj and other such mystics, approved the process. Hallaj's Hanbalite traditionalist su pporters staged a demonstration on his behalf against Hamid on the same grounds as before, a demonstration led by one of Hallaj's most faithful disciples, one of the official shuhiul, the upright witnesses, at his trial , Ibn 'A d'. But the demonstration only served the plot by showing that Hallaj and his followers were a threat to law and order.

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