An English interpretation of the Holy Quran by A. Yusuf Ali

By A. Yusuf Ali

It's the accountability of each Muslim, guy, girl, or baby to learn the Qur an and know it in response to his personal means. If anybody people attains to a few wisdom of figuring out of it through learn, contemplation, and the try out of existence, either outward and inward, it's his responsibility, in response to his means, to train others, and percentage with them the enjoyment and peace which outcome from touch with the religious international. The Qur an certainly each spiritual e-book should be learn, not just with the tongue and voice and eyes, yet with the easiest gentle that our mind can offer, or even extra, with the truest and purest mild which our middle and sense of right and wrong can provide us. it really is during this spirit that i might have my reads technique the Qur an. -From the advent

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The Viking lands, Sri Lanka, and the heart of China are three places where Muslim coins have been discovered. Islamic coins were widely respected because of the high proportion of precious metals they contained. These currencies greatly helped the growth of world trade. I G G Shangdu G o b i ng eko M R G lf F G G G G G MeccaArabian Jedda a Se A G Ind u G d Re EGYPT Tropic of Cancer G e Th GG G G ris G G 1000 GKarakorum Anxi Bukhara Samarkand Kashgar Tig Athens Anatolia Merv Rayy Sicily Balkh Khotan Aleppo Mediterranean Sea Baghdad Herat Kabul H i T I B E T Damascus m Basra Tripoli Alexandria a l a Jerusalem y a s Cairo s Delhi Hormuz G 1000 Yell o GG G G 120° 0 miles a Lake Balkhash Sea Caspian Sea This 13th-century illustration of merchants comes from a book by the writer al-Hariri, who came from Basra, Iraq.

Muslims did not only travel for trade, they also went in search of knowledge, on diplomatic missions, and of course to make the Pilgrimage. Islamic trade routes DHOW The most common trading vessels in the Indian Ocean were dhows, which are still used today. With their triangular sails, these boats are easy to maneuver and sail in headwinds. Their captains navigated by looking at the stars and many of them also used the magnetic compass. They also had an excellent knowledge of currents, seamarks, and winds.

It was actually a number of roads across Central Asia, linking China and Europe, passing through many parts of the Muslim world on the way. SALT CARAVAN This salt caravan is traveling to Timbuktu in Mali (p. 48). Salt was essential for seasoning and preserving food, and early Muslims sold it for vast sums. There were rich sources of salt in Africa, at places such as Taghaza, today in Algeria, where the locals even constructed buildings from salt. From here, caravans carried salt south, and the merchants spread Islam as they traveled.

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