Answers to Selected Exercises for Programming and Problem by Nell B. Dale, Chip Weems

By Nell B. Dale, Chip Weems

Dale (University of Texas) and Weems (University of Massachusetts) introduce C++, object-oriented programming, and software program improvement during this textual content for undergraduates. The textual content covers many issues as soon as thought of too complex for a primary direction, reminiscent of metalanguages, modular layout, summary information t

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After each call, this variable can be checked before the program continues. Because there are so many possible solutions, we do not show one. Check over yours and be sure you have the three parts. 4. void PrintResults( /* inout */ ofstream& dataOut, // Output file /* /* /* /* { float amountPaid; in in in in */ */ */ */ float loanAmount, int numberOfYears, float yearlyRate, float payment ) // Loan amount // Term of loan // Interest rate // Payment DalePhatANS_complete 8/18/04 10:31 AM Page 1089 Answers to Selected Exercises amountPaid dataOut << << << << << = numberOfYears*12*payment; fixed << setprecision(2) << setw(12) << loanAmount setw(12) << numberOfYears << setw(12) yearlyRate << setw(15) << payment setw(12) << amountPaid << setw(12) amountPaid - loanAmount << endl; } void PrintHeading( /* inout */ ofstream& dataOut ) { dataOut << fixed << setprecision(2) << setw(12) << "Loan Amount" << setw(12) << "No.

5. name and salary are reference parameters. age and level are value parameters. 6. The call must have six arguments, unless default parameters are used (we do not cover their use in this book, but they are mentioned). 7. The value parameter stores the new value but the argument is unaffected. The reference parameter stores the new value directly into the argument. 8. The type must come before the name of each parameter instead of after it. The & should be appended to the type instead of to the parameter name.

Sizeof(long) * 8 5. a. a * b + c * d b. a * b / (c * d) c. a + b + c / (d + e) * f d. (a + b) / (c + d) * (e + f) e. -a + b <= c * d && a + b >= c – d 6. cin >> charIn; if (isdigit( charIn)) numIn = charIn – '0'; 7. length(); pos++) if (inline[pos] == 'e') eCount++; 8. int MonthNum (/* in */ string month) { switch (tolower(month[0])) { case 'a': switch (tolower(month[1])) { case 'p': return 4; case 'u': return 8; default : return 0; } case 'd': return 12; case 'f': return 2; case 'j': switch (tolower(month[3])) { case 'e': return 6; case 'u': return 1; case 'y': return 7; default : return 0; } DalePhatANS_complete 8/18/04 10:31 AM Page 1109 Answers to Selected Exercises case 'm': switch (tolower(month[2])) { case 'r': return 3; case 'y': return 5; default : return 0; } case 'n': return 11; case 'o': return 10; case 's': return 9; default : return 0; } } 9.

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