Anti-Theory in Ethics and Moral Conservatism by Stanley G. Clarke, Evan Simpson

By Stanley G. Clarke, Evan Simpson

This quantity files a flow from thought and principles in ethics to an account of morality in line with neighborhood perform and notion of the actual case. The advent lays the basis for this place, then the authors draw from the analytic culture as they forcefully argue opposed to concept derived from various philosophical ancestors. within the moment part they research ethical conservatism, displaying how putting ethical perform as basic doesn't limit one to any kind of political conservatism.

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Colonial Discourse and Post-Colonial Theory: A Reader. Harlow, Essex: Prentice Hall. This page intentionally left blank Three A Visual Theology of Evil and Redemption? Watts Eve Trilogy and Burne-Jones’s Altarpiece of The Nativity Kathy M. Bullough This chapter focuses on four nineteenth-century paintings: She Shall be Called Woman (c. 1875–1892, Figure 1), Eve Tempted (exhibited 1884, Figure 2) and Eve Repentant (c. 1865–1897, Figure 3) by George Frederick Watts (1817–1904) and an altarpiece by Edward Burne-Jones (1833–1898), The Nativity, The Annunciation, Visitation and the Flight into Egypt (1862–1863, Figure 4).

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