Anything That's Peaceful: The Case for the Free Market by Leonard E. Read

By Leonard E. Read

"My thesis," Leonard learn informs us during this awesome booklet, "in easiest phrases, is: permit an individual do whatever he pleases, as long as it truly is peaceable; the position of presidency, then, is to maintain the peace." in order that. This publication is a vintage, compelling assertion of the political philosophy of libertarianism and assertion of the guiding rules of the root for fiscal schooling.

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Were the Russians practicing socialism 100 per cent, there would not be a living Russian. Life goes on in these and all other 2 While state plann~ng of the economy, and the coercive implementation of the state's plans are more widely practiced in Russia than perhaps any other country except China, we must remember that the Kremlin is more and more disregarding its own tenets and edging gradually toward the practice of a market economy. Incentives to induce production are on the increase, and a significant acreage has been restored to a free market type of farming.

If someone were to initiate such an action as flying at you with a dagger, that would be an example of aggressive force. It is this kind of force I call strife or violence. The force you would employ to repel the violence I would call defensive force. Try to think of a single instance where aggressive force -strife or violence-is morally warranted. There is none. Violence is morally insupportable! Defensive force is never an initial action. It comes into play only secondarily, that is, as the antidote to aggressive force or violence.

ANYTHING THAT'S PEACEFUL But to accede to their "invitation" to vacate would be to pay. With your liabsolutely" in mind, you refuse. At this point the officers in their attempt to carry out the Court's orders will try to carry you off your property, as peaceably as possible, of course. But to let them carry you off would be to acquiesce and to pay. You might as well have acquiesced in the first place. At this stage of the proceedings, in order not to pay, you have no recourse but to resist physical force with physical force.

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