Apologetics in the Roman Empire.Pagans Jews and Christians by Mark J. Edwards, Martin Goodman, Simon Price, Chris Rowland

By Mark J. Edwards, Martin Goodman, Simon Price, Chris Rowland

This ebook is a finished survey of the discussion among pagans, Jews, and Christians within the Roman empire as much as the time while Constantine declared himself a Christian. each one bankruptcy is written through a individual pupil and is dedicated to a unmarried textual content or workforce of texts with the purpose of making a choice on the possible viewers, the literary milieu, and the situations that ended in this manner of writing.

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By creating so many dramatic opportunities for speech, we might argue, Luke is simply giving maximum coverage to this Word and its impact on a succession of audiences. 51 Acts simply dramatizes this prospect by providing a whole repertoire of opportunities for the apostles to proclaim the Word with parrheÅsia in every conceivable situation. Moreover, apologetic speech in this context is more than mere dramatized pathos (an essential di€erence from the super®cially similar narrative construction of the novels, where speech serves largely to dramatize the characters' emotions in any given situation).

Neither Paul's irresponsible use of his own citizenship, nor the riots which inevitably accompany his activities, are calculated to impress the reader that the new movement o€ers potential enhancement of civic life. On the contrary, the overall e€ect of the whole narrative section from chapter 13 to chapter 19 is to leave the damaging impression that Paul's mission causes trouble wherever he goes (17: 6): prudent magistrates might well conclude that any well-regulated city would be better o€ without it.

It may be that one of the most signi®cant pointers to the apologetic scenario of the book as a whole is the neutral, uncommitted stance of the community leaders in Rome in the ®nal scene: `We have received no letters from Judea about you, and none of the brethren coming here has reported or spoken any evil about you. But we desire to hear from you what your views are; for with regard to this sect we know that everywhere it is spoken against' (28: 21±2). Will this work as a setting for the apologetic of Acts?

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