Appian: Roman History, Vol. III, The Civil Wars, Books by Appian, Horace White

By Appian, Horace White

Appian (Appianus) was once a Greek professional of Alexandria. He observed the Jewish uprising of 116 CE, and later turned a Roman citizen and recommend and obtained the rank of eques (knight). In his older years he held a procuratorship. He died throughout the reign of Antoninus Pius who was once emperor 138–161 CE. sincere admirer of the Roman empire notwithstanding blind to the associations of the sooner Roman republic, he wrote, within the easy 'common' dialect, 24 books of 'Roman affairs', in truth conquests, from the beginnings to the days of Trajan (emperor 98–117 CE). 11 have come right down to us whole, or approximately so, particularly these at the Spanish, Hannibalic, Punic, Illyrian, Syrian, and Mithridatic wars, and 5 books at the Civil Wars. they're useful documents of army background. The Loeb Classical Library variation of Appian is in 4 volumes.

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