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This can be the precise reference ebook you're given within the FE. Get to understand it just like the again of your hand, and you will be that a lot forward in fixing difficulties speedy, in particular difficulties no longer on your box of analysis so that you can plug & chug in case you comprehend the place to discover the formulation. dwell with this ebook; devour, breathe, and sleep with this publication. it's your new ally, simply because this may assist you should you overlook every little thing else you studied in instruction. i can't emphasize how very important it is.

Don't purchase the sixth version, get the latest one - seventh variation, tan booklet. they're related, however it can assist you extra to have a present replica. Like others have stated, you could obtain it at no cost from NCEES, or purchase it from NCEES for approximately $17 (with delivery, as of 2007). I want hardcopy, so that you can get a think for the place issues are.

(As an aspect word, for education fabrics I hugely reccommend Lindeburg's "FE overview guide: swift guidance for the overall basics of Engineering examination" - very transparent and concise assurance of the final FE issues, good written, strong perform difficulties that i really observed at the try whilst I took it.)

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P ⎛p ⎞ Q = CA 2 g ⎜⎜ 1 + z1 − 2 − z 2 ⎟⎟ γ ⎝ γ ⎠ where C, the coefficient of the meter, is given by ♦ Bober, W. A. , 1980. Diagrams reprinted by permission of William Bober & Richard A. Kenyon. K. Vennard, 1954. Diagrams reprinted by permission of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 50 C v Cc 1 − Cc2 ( A A1 )2 FLUID MECHANICS (continued) ♦ Submerged Orifice operating under steady-flow conditions: • Q = A2V2 = Cc Cv A 2 g (h1 − h2 ) = CA 2 g (h1 − h2 ) in which the product of Cc and Cv is defined as the coefficient of discharge of the orifice.

5 Sut , Sut ≤ 1, 400 MPa ⎫⎪ Se′ = ⎨ ⎬ ⎩⎪ 700 MPa, Sut > 1, 400 MPa ⎭⎪ Distortion-Energy Theory The distortion-energy theory states that yielding begins whenever the distortion energy in a unit volume equals the distortion energy in the same volume when uniaxially stressed to the yield strength. The theory predicts that yielding will occur whenever ⎡ (σ1 − σ 2 )2 + (σ 2 − σ 3 )2 + (σ1 − σ 3 )2 ⎤ ⎥ ⎢ 2 ⎥⎦ ⎢⎣ ) where σ A and σ B are the two nonzero principal stresses and τ σ3 12 or Coulomb-Mohr Theory The Coulomb-Mohr theory is based upon the results of tensile and compression tests.

G= and 0 > σ r > − Po , where σt = tangential (hoop) stress, ⎛ Ai − A f ⎞ =⎜ × 100 ⎝ Ai ⎟⎠ True Stress is load divided by actual cross-sectional area. G = and 0 > σ r > − Pi For external pressure only, the stresses at the outside wall are: o %RA ro2 + ri2 ro2 − ri2 ri2 ro2 − ri2 These are principal stresses. ♦ Flinn, Richard A. & Paul K. , 1990. 38 MECHANICS OF MATERIALS (continued) The circle drawn with the center on the normal stress (horizontal) axis with center, C, and radius, R, where When the thickness of the cylinder wall is about one-tenth or less, of inside radius, the cylinder can be considered as thin-walled.

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