Wilde’s WWW: Technical Foundations of the World Wide Web by Erik Wilde

By Erik Wilde

The world-wide-web is unquestionably the advance of the last decade within the media international. given that its beginnings in 1990, the WWW has advanced from a slightly easy version of source names (URL), a move protocol (HTTP), and a language for the outline of interconnected details pages (HTML), to a much more complicated infrastructure. This ebook offers a radical technical description of all correct WWW advancements as much as the time of writing, together with the newest models of the move protocol (HTTP/1.1) and outline language (HTML 4.0), the principles of the outline language (SGML and its upcoming variation XML), kind sheets (CSS1), server concerns (SSL, CGI, and Apache as an instance of an online server), and a few concerns that might be of accelerating significance in destiny (MathML, VRML, PNG).

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Domain names are arranged from right to left, so the topmost level stands far right. ch names a host in the ccTLD . ch, which according to ISO 3166 is Switzerland. The second-level domain is ethz, which is the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. The leftmost name identifies a computer, in this case it is named www, which is a common convention for a computer which runs the web server for a domain. DNS defines an architecture where it is possible to send a query for the address of the computer named www .

In case of text-based email, this is very easy, because the mail can simply be displayed in a text window. However, even this is only true for 7-bit text. If the text uses 8-bit characters, including accented characters, this may already become a problem if the email program wrongly assumes the use of 7-bit characters. The question of 7-bit and 8-bit text in emails is only a very simple example of the problems that arise with processing email containing different content types. In the general case, it is perfectly reasonable to think of email containing multimedia objects, such as images.

There are various documents which can be consulted for information about the Internet. Internet informational RFC 2235 [280F give,; a timeline of the Internet, including numbers of hosts, domains, and web servers. It is a very good introduction and helps to get a feeling for the development of the Internet. For answers to the most frequently asked questions, a good Internet documentation for starters is RFC 1594 [168], which also contains a lot of useful pointers to more detailed documentation.

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